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Glass Buildings

Ministerial / Government Policies

We will bridge relations so you can directly engage the ministries or governments in Southeast Asia in order to align your corporate goals to government policies or submit your investment proposals for consideration.

We will assist you to seek an audience or for courtesy calls to ensure the stability and security of your investments.

Government Relations

We will represent your interests in Parliaments, Congress, Senate​, Ministries, Judiciary, or Executive branches to ensure that your message is heard and your goals are aligned with new policies. 

We will cover these things so you can focus on developing your business by providing you with political or policy updates, analyses, and recommendations.

Done Deal

Business / Market Intelligence

We will keep track of your competition and include analysis and analytics that can help you improve your business model and projections.


Using multiple sources of information to create a broad picture of the company's existing market, we will deliver and foresee challenges to you before they become problems.


Advancing corporate cause and advocacy through direct government engagement by actively participating in policy-making initiatives based on scientific data / research and providing hands-on, direct advocacy, whether in the halls of Congress or in the Executive Branch.

Our service includes a broad range of proactive advocacy activities, and is the primary vehicle clients choose when seeking to promote or ward off legislative change, influence regulatory drafting, promulgation or enforcement, secure government funding, or simply establish a competitive advantage through some targeted element of public policy.

Our service keeps you informed of developments, define near- and long-term goals, and adapt and refine strategies as necessary and appropriate.


Southeast Asia Business Incorporation

With the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community, regional companies are provided wider market audience stimulating investments in this robust region. Each ASEAN government has its unique policies, negative lists, and restrictions and we will help you navigate through these requirements for compliance that would allow you to expand your presence.

We will provide you with options and solutions to fast-track your market entry through our wide network in the ASEAN community.

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