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TMM Asia Consulting was founded with a single mission: to be the most ground-breaking consulting agency that delivers value to its clients. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

Let us help make your expansion a reality. Give us a call today and we will show you how we can take you to that journey

Mergers & Acquisitions

We ensure that each stage of the transaction process — from valuation to negotiation and completion — are based on real data.

We provide you an in-depth analysis of your potential partner from their historical records of transactions to background of the key people in the company.

We can identify the potential challenges of your M&A: from regulatory restrictions to tax issues.

Legal Opinion

Each transaction in the ASEAN region can potentially become a legal issue and our scope of knowledge and network will benefit your legal protection if you subscribe to our legal retainer services.

Are your foreign employees fully covered by the immigration office? Is there a business transaction you have that may be in the gray area? How do you protect yourself from corrupt government practice if your client is the government? What are the transparency laws of the country in which you intend to operate?

capital funding

TMM ASIA provides capital raising services for our clients, regardless whether it is debt or equity or investment or revenue sharing programs.

We perform all work whether raising capital, advising a company on corporate strategy, writing a business plan or communications portfolio to give investors an overview of your narrative.

Debt Restructuring is also a service provided in order to release capital required to enhance your business operations.

Conglomerate Partnerships

Do you need to expand your business to another country but require a solid partner? Do you need to know which partner might be a potential competitor for you in the future? Do you need to know the background of your potential partner?​ Is your partner of choice not responding to your calls or proposals?

These are some of the issues we will address aside from delivering our wide network of conglomerates that can work with you.

ASEAN Integration

How do you participate in the robust economy of the region that has been performing much better than EU and North America? How do you translate your success to cater to the unique 600 million people representing trillions of dollars?

How does your corporate culture integrate with ASEAN culture? How do you incorporate in ASEAN region availing of the fast-track dedicated solutions implemented by each country? This is where we can help you transfer your success story and ensure continuity.

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